Quick and Easy Car Hacks

Cars can be quite expensive. While buying one can already create a dent in your pocket, maintaining one can be just quite as costly. Of course, we all want our cars in the best condition that they can be. So here are a few hacks to solve small “car” problems using stuff that you can find just lying around the house:

Fix little scratches and cracks with nail polish.
Avoid getting an expensive paint job by covering up small scratches using nail polish that closely matches the color of your car. Also, you can use nail polish as a quick fix to small and very minor cracks on car windows. Most of the time, these small cracks would grow into larger ones that would eventually lead to you to spend a hefty amount of cash for a window replacement. Just fill in the damaged area with some clear nail polish and it will help prevent the crack from growing.

Clean headlights with toothpaste.
Using a small toothbrush, just brush on some toothpaste on the headlights. Let it sit for a while before rinsing it with water and letting it dry on its own. This is the easiest way to thoroughly clean hazy and foggy headlights.

Use cornstarch to clean car windows.
Simply mix one part cornstarch to eight parts of water and spray it on your car windows. Then wipe it using a clean washcloth and voila! Clean and shiny windows.

Deodorize your car using kitchen items.
This is another clever use for cornstarch. Just sprinkle some cornstarch on your car’s upholstery, let it sit for several minutes, and then vacuum away. As for the floor mats, repeat the same process only this time, you will be using baking soda. These two items will deodorize your car naturally and effortlessly.

Add some shine with olive oil.
Wipe your dashboard using with a small amount of olive oil on a washcloth. This will clean your dashboard by picking up dust and dirt. It will also make your dashboard look nice and shiny.

Remove car stickers with water.
Tired of the stickers that you have on your bumper? Remove them easily by using a soft paper towel to dampen and soften the stickers until they can be peeled off. If there are any residues, use any old plastic card to gently scrape them off.

Prevent rust using nail polish.
Nail polish, it seems, have way too many uses apart from what they are made for. If you want to prevent any metal thing from rusting, just apply a thin coat of nail polish and let dry.

Use hand sanitizer to “de-frost” key holes.
This will definitely come in handy during the winter. Simply apply the hand sanitizer on the keyhole. The alcohol in the hand sanitizer will melt the ice in the key hole so you will no longer be locked out of your car.

Fix small dents with dry ice.
While dry ice is not readily available in all households, it is something that you can easily buy in your local grocery store. Just touch the dry ice on the dent for a few seconds, and repeat until the dent is gone. Keep in mind that this only works for small dents. Also, do not forget to wear protective gloves to prevent the dry ice from damaging the skin.