How to Get Marijuana’s Scent out of Your Car

If you’ve smoked medical marijuana before, you know that the scent lingers on your clothes for hours. This smell can pass to other fabrics and if in a contained area, can last for days. You may have never smoked in your car in your life, but find that it reeks of marijuana. You may smoke in your car at work, but never drive while under the influence. You may have bought a second-hand car that was previously owned by smokers. Whatever the case, your vehicle smelling like marijuana may cause discomfort for passengers or cause allergic reactions.
Even worse, If you are pulled over – even if not intoxicated, the slightest hint of marijuana’s scent gives police the right to search you, and your vehicle. This can be embarrassing, cause you to miss appointments, be late for work, or even for your vehicle to be impounded. In this article, we take a look at a few of the most common ways to eliminate the smell of marijuana from your car.


Ozium is not an air freshener; it is an air sanitizer, and purportedly has no scent of its own. Sprayed in the air, it will eliminate odours almost immediately by attaching to the particles and bacteria responsible for odours, and neutralising them. Sprayed on fabric, it will soak in and remove smells, while also protecting from future scents.
Ozium comes in a spray – excellent for air and fabric, or a gel pack that you place in your car which attacks odours in the air as they arise – but not the source of them.

Smoke Buddy

Smoke buddies are excellent tools that are not restricted to vehicle use. Featuring a carbon filter, Smoke Buddies don’t eliminate odour, but prevent it. Just exhale your smoke through it, and it comes out as clean air. This, of course, won’t help if you’re smoking a joint – since it still burns freely in the air.

Ozone Generator

Ozone generators are super effective at removing ozone from contained spaces. However, you NEVER want to be in that contained space. They work by generating ozone, which replaces the air in an area, killing any biological substance (such as bacteria), and leaves your vehicle smelling like it the air during a lightning storm. Ozone is toxic and decreases lung function, aggravates asthma, irritates the throat, causes chest pain, and makes you more vulnerable to a respiratory infection, so it is imperative that after using an ozone generator, you give your vehicle a chance to air out.


Particularly useful on vinyl and leather, since they sweat when warm, heat forces the particles causing the odour to leave what they are attached to. Of course, they will just re-settle if they have nowhere to go – and in many cases, seem more potent, so you must ensure your vehicle is both warm and is being actively ventilated. Forums suggest that driving for approximately 20 to 30 minutes with the heat on high will allow for your car to air out, and the odour to dissipate.

Professional Detailing

It may be a bit embarrassing, and expensive, to take your car to be detailed while it smells like marijuana, but they have to tools and expertise to get your vehicle clean, and smelling great, in no time. While we wouldn’t recommend having it detailed every time your car begins to smell, if you have to take it in for other reasons or want to sell it – a professional cleaning will get the job done.