How to Get Marijuana’s Scent out of Your Car

October 26, 2017 Isaac Schmidt 0

If you’ve smoked medical marijuana before, you know that the scent lingers on your clothes for hours. This smell can pass to other fabrics and if in a contained area, can last for days. You may have never smoked in your car in your life, but find that it reeks […]

Quick and Easy Car Hacks

September 28, 2017 Isaac Schmidt 0

Cars can be quite expensive. While buying one can already create a dent in your pocket, maintaining one can be just quite as costly. Of course, we all want our cars in the best condition that they can be. So here are a few hacks to solve small “car” problems […]

Modern Day Auto Insurance: A Tell-All

September 28, 2017 Isaac Schmidt 0

It is essential to know the type of auto insurance one has and the level of coverage it offers. The fact remains that most people are completely ignorant of their insurance coverage until they have been involved in an accident. Getting the right auto insurance is one aspect that is […]

Criteria to consider when buying a car

September 28, 2017 Isaac Schmidt 0

One of the most expensive purchases you will ever make in life is buying a car and this usually comes second to buying a house. On the average, people spend thousands of dollars yearly on the automotive luxury. With hundreds of diverse models of sedans, sports cars, trucks and SUVs […]

Acquiring the best automotive spare parts

September 28, 2017 Isaac Schmidt 0

Spare parts or auto parts enhance the overall performance of a car when added. The purchasing of auto parts becomes necessary during an auto repair, replacement or enhancement of a car. Getting the finest, affordable and high-performance auto parts are helpful in keeping your vehicle in excellent new condition. Furthermore, […]